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Casuarina Club Owners Association, Inc. 

Monday, December 6, 2021 

At 5:30 PM in the Casuarina Club Lobby 


Call to Order and Board Quorum Established 

Proof of Meeting Notice 

Review of 2022 Proposed Budget 

Approval of 2022 Budget 



Call to Order and Board Quorum Established 

* Proof of Meeting Notice 

* Approval of 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes 

* Presidents Report 

* Election of New Officers 



Call to Order and Board Quorum Established 

* Approval of November 1, 2021 meeting minutes 

* Appointment of Officers to 2022 Board 

* New Business 

* Old Business 

* Committee updates 

* Adjournment 

Initial notification: next meeting – Monday, January 24, 2022 at 5:30 pm 


Instructions for CCOA Parking Decals & Visitor Parking Permits

Owner/Resident Parking Decal

  • Placement :
    • Option #1 : adhere the decal to the window behind the driver’s seat, positioned at the bottom of the window and toward the back of the car
    • Option #2: adhere the decal to the car’s back window on the driver’s side, positioned in the bottom corner.
  • Notes:
    • Additional are available at $15 per decal.
    • Adhere your parking decal to your car(s) by this Saturday, March 21st.
    • The # of decals provided to your unit is based on the # of vehicles your unit has on property, historically.
    • If additional decals are needed, contact the CCOA BOD.
    • Two decals per unit are available at no cost.

Visitor Parking Permit

  • Each unit is provided two visitor parking permits at no cost.
    • Additional visitor parking permits can be purchased at $15 per permit.
  • When your visitor arrives on property, hand them one of your visitor parking permits and have them immediately hang it from their car’s rear view mirror.
    • Failure to do so could result in your visitor’s car being towed.
  • Remember to retrieve your visitor parking permit from your guest before they leave our property, as only two visitor parking permits are provided to each unit at no cost.

Thank you for your cooperation and hoping everyone is staying healthy.


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