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    Board of Directors Workshop Meeting

September 21st, 2022, 1:00 PM.     

8942 Lake Dr Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

and broadcast via zoom video/phone conference call


A Board of Directors Workshop Meeting will be held in the clubhouse at 8942 Lake Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920, and broadcast via zoom.

The agenda will be as follows:

  1. Certify a quorum and call the meeting to order
    2. Adoption and Disposal of Unapproved Minutes from 8/10/2022
    3. Review delinquency report and special assessment past due report
  2. Discuss progress on the elevator modernization contract
  3. Discuss seal coating after the milling and paving contract
  4. Review current proposals from US Lawns
  5. Update on hiring a Structural Engineer to inspect buildings
  6. Start date to repair pool seawall and gate entrance
  7. Review low voltage lighting on pool walkways
  8. Establish rules for lights on patios and walkways
  9.  Pool Rules: how to enforce no bicycles, no glass, and no food or
    beverages within 4 feet of the pool
  10. Discuss the 2023 annual budget
  11. Progress on completing the Special Assessment project
  12. Property revaluation for insurance
  13. Recognition for landscapers
  14. EV Policy update
  15. Unfinished business
  16. New business
  17. Adjournment



Notice posted on September 19, 2022, to fulfill the required minimum notice period of 48 hours prior to the meeting.





The zoom information for the meeting is as follows: Meeting ID: 524 480 1133 Passcode: 359955


Join Zoom Meeting using the link below

If you do not have a computer or wish to call in by phone. The number to call is (312) 626-6799                           


ELEVATOR D, E, G, and H Buildings                                                June 1, 2022

The Association has entered an agreement with Oracle Elevator to modernize the elevators in D, E, G, and H Building. The schedule is contingent upon delivery of equipment as promised by the manufacturer. There is a possibility the dates may adjust due to the current supply chain issues. The modernization of the elevators will occur on the below listed schedule. Please understand there will not be any elevator service during the time listed below. The elevators will be out of service and not able to be operated by passengers. The schedule is listed below.

D & E Building                   September 19th -October 14th

G & H Building                   October 17th  - November 11th

We know this will present many challenges and issues for residents. We are giving ample notice so residents can make the necessary accommodations during the outage.  Please remember this type of outage occurs approximately once every 25 years. Once this is completed it will enhance the reliability of the elevators. There will NOT be a Special Assessment to cover the expense, as this will be funded by the reserves. Thank you for your time and understanding during this work.                                                        



To improve the reliability of the phone connection to the Solana Lake Front Gate Box, we are configuring the system to work with two phone options.

 BOTH of the following numbers should be added to your phone contacts so the caller ID feature will work properly. One should be labeled “Solana Front Gate” and the second “Solana Front Gate Alternative” or a similar labeling.

 The prior number is: (321) 301-5535

The additional number is: (321) 890-0075 

Pressing 9 and 6 will still open the west and east gates respectively. There has been no change to the individual building front door numbers. Pressing 9 will still open the front doors. 

This change will allow us to switch systems whenever we are experiencing communication issues.

 Solana Lake Board of Directors                                       January 28, 2021


Solana Lake Joins New Security Program

We have joined a new program provided by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department.

The program is called “Private Property Enforcement” and was recommended to us by the  sheriff’s deputies that made a presentation at the clubhouse in March.

How it works – this agreement allows residents to call the sheriff directly to report any trespassing or suspicious activity on the property. The Sheriff’s Department will now respond immediately to your call. Previously, the law required a Board member to call or confirm your call. This created an unnecessary delay which is now eliminated. 


Calls to report non-emergency situations such as someone trespassing on our property to fish, wandering around etc. should go to the non-emergency number: 


Calls to report emergency situations such as someone attempting a vehicle break-in or attempts to enter a building should go directly to: 


As part of the program, the signage at the entrance gates has been modified. 

The Board recommends residents add these numbers to their phone contacts to allow easy access. We believe this is a positive addition to our overall security.

Solana Lake Board of Directors                                       May 7, 2020



  • Here is a great opportunity to help your neighbors in the current environment and in the future.
  • A new group is forming under the leadership of Pete and Linda Queior (A-302) to assist residents during a time of need. It’s called “Solana Cares”.
  • Many in our community are isolated due to compromising health issues and, now, the added fear of contracting COVID – 19. YOU CAN HELP!
  • The group would assist a needy neighbor with:
    • Grocery pick-up
    • Prescription pick -up
    • Travel to Doctors appointments
    • Other tasks beyond their capabilities
  • If you are able and interested in helping OR IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE NOW, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text Linda @ (315) 523-1106. Please also put this information in your phone for future reference.
  • The group has many ideas that could benefit the community , but the priority at this time is helping in the face of this pandemic. JOIN IF YOU CAN! 






The code to open the EAST GATE (G&H) by phone has reverted to 6.

We apologize for this inconvenience. This is the recommendation of the manufacturer since this is the default setting and worked well previously. We have tested this # over the past few days and it is working properly.

 We have scheduled our contractor to re-visit the property to evaluate all the components to insure better reliability. We share your frustration!

Solana Lake Board of Directors                        February 17, 2020


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