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Board of Directors Meeting

September 27th, 2022, 3 PM


A Board of Directors Meeting will be held in the clubhouse at 7027 Seville Ct Cape Canaveral, Fl 32920. The meeting will also be broadcast online via Zoom. 



The agenda is as follows:

  1. Certify a quorum and call the meeting to order
  2. Approve meeting minutes from August 19th, 2022
  3. Approve Special Assessment for legal expenses and arbitration
  4. Restructuring of Board of Directors
  5. Adjournment.




Notice posted on September 13th, 2022, to fulfill required minimum notice period of 14 days prior to the meeting.

We will be hosting a “video conference/phone” broadcast of the meeting. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING THE ZOOM APP TO SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS FOR YOU. If you do not have a computer, you will still be able to call in to listen to the presentation.




The zoom information for the meeting is as follows

Meeting ID: 524 480 1133

Passcode: 359955


                    Join Zoom Meeting using the link below


Solana on the River Condominium Association, Inc.

5505 N. Atlantic Ave #207

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Solana on the River Homeowners,

Earlier this year Homeowners were made aware of the legal issues concerning the matter of Solana on the River v White/McKusick for the payment of legal fees.

On March 17, 2022 a Final Order on Respondents' Motion for Attorney's Fees and Costs was issued by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation regarding the White/McKusick arbitration case. The motion is posted on the Association portal for reference. It stated White/McKusick were entitled to $8,985.00 fees and costs. A trial de novo was filed by White/McKusick shortly after the motion was issued, which means they rejected the settlement decision and would seek additional compensation by other legal avenues, including a court trail.

On August 24, 2022 a mediation hearing was conducted in an attempt to resolve the financial issue between the two parties to avoid further legal costs. Solana on the River Association was represented by Luis Carreja (the Association lawyer), Todd Matt, Carl Nunziato, and Douglas Raymond. White/McKusick were also present along with their lawyer Nicholas Vidoni. Each attorney made opening statements, after which opposing parties were sequestered to separate rooms and worked through the process of coming to an agreeable settlement to both parties via the appointed mediator. It became apparent during the mediation White/McKusick were fixed on a reimbursement of legal fees totaling $32,000.

Conferring with the Association’s attorney and the mediator, they explained if we did not come to a settlement at this time it was highly likely further legal options would cost the Association more. It was by unanimous decision to resolve the compensation issue at this meeting and a final offer of $30,000 was agreed to by White/McKusick.

In order to cover these expenses plus associated legal fees, the association has no other option available but to collect a special assessment from each homeowner. The total funds needed to close this matter are $39,105. The breakdown of the special assessment is as follows:

1. Settlement agreement between the Whites and the Association dated August 24, 2022 - $30,000.

2. Mediator costs incurred for the hearing conducted on August 24, 2022 - $1,000.

3. Under budgeted Association legal costs associated with the Whites/Association settlement agreement - $8,105

The assessment will be divided between 79 units since part of the agreement had a provision stating White/McKusick would not be assessed any portion of the special assessment. Therefore, each homeowner's special assessment will be $495.00 due thirty days after October 1, 2022.

Solana on the River Board



Building Maintenance:
Co-Chairs: Doug Raymond / Dave White
Members: Todd Matt, Phil Carol, Doug Jackson
Chair: Jean Canon
Members: Todd Matt, Joan Nunziato, Bill and Jennifer Kiesel, Ken and Dorothy Radway
Replace Rules & Regs with ARC :
Chair: Carl Nunziato
Members: Todd Matt, Dave White, Tom Bergeron


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