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Stack 1 and 2 Restoration Status Update
As of: 12/07/2020

Sliding Glass Doors
– Final pricing for the first consolidated order has been provided and updated invoices will be distributed the week of Dec 7th. Any additional orders will be charged at the original cost. Our Vendor is discounting the SGD's based on volume and a direct ship to the condominium. The actual door pricing has increased this Fall and another increase is scheduled for Jan 2021. The initial 14 units have been ordered at the discounted price. The drop-shipment date will be set within the next few weeks.

New Railings – New railings have been ordered, measured and fabrication has begun. Current building code specifications require a 3-Line rail system (versus the existing 2-Line rail system) and the finish color is specified as Statuary Bronze. Other than on Stack 1, the new rails will be installed as the old ones are removed; there will not be any temporary rails installed. From Stack 2 onward, rails will remain in place until the new rails are received.

A/C Compressor Relocation – CRI is making height modifications to 32 aluminum stands needed for A/C compressor relocation. CRI and Kabran have coordinated schedules and now plan to relocate all Stack 1 and 2 units on December 15th – 16th. Owners should expect a smooth transition, and with the cooler weather, this timing should work in everyone's favor.

Stucco Repair – Stucco repair is underway on Stack 1. It is being prepped for new coatings and finishes now – including finishing stucco, expansion joint repair, paint priming and deck coating texturing.

Overall Schedule
      • A revised schedule is being prepared this week. It will be posted on the website when received.
      • CRI plans to begin work on Stack 2 on Dec 14th. The Board is in the process of notifying all Stack 2 owners.


Date: Sept. 18, 2020

To:     Owners and Residents      


  1. C.R.I. will be working on the building in Stacks (i.e. columns of balconies). Your stack is the last number of your unit number (i.e. Unit 401 is in the "1" Stack.) A tentative schedule showing the work sequence will be posted in the Lobby and updated monthly as changes occur. The contractor will be working weekdays from 8AM to 5PM.
  2. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Board, not to contractor personnel. Generally, the construction workers have no knowledge of the project other than the trade that they perform. This will prevent any miscommunication between owners and contactor.
  3. There will be high levels of noise and vibration during demolition. Please remove ALL items from the balcony, including items hanging on the walls and screens on sliders. Remove any items on the inside walls near the balcony, including items on shelves that may fall during vibration. Contractor will not be responsible for damage to items inside units nor items left on the balcony during the project.
  4. There will be large amounts of dust during active demolition. We recommend you tape the door frame on the inside of your sliding glass doors (make sure to use painters tape, NOT masking or duct tape – those will leave residue or peel paint) If you have respiratory problems, it is suggested that you vacate your unit during the day that demolition is occurring on your balcony.
  5. Because of the work being performed on the balconies, all sliding glass doors will be secured shut from the outside for safety reasons during the stage that your stack is being worked on. Please do not try to open your door because this may cause damage.
  6. Some units will need a sliding glass door removed in order to make repairs to the balcony decks and interior curb damage. A watertight wooden barrier will be installed floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, and three feet into the unit in order to remove the door. If your unit is flagged for door removal, you must move ALL items (furniture and decorations including blinds) four feet back from the wall that the door is on. The contractor will return the interior where the barrier is located back to a “primer ready” condition. CRI is not responsible for matching interior paint or repairing tile or wallpaper inside of the unit.
  7. If you are considering getting new sliding glass doors, please let the Board know as soon as possible. Replacement during the restoration project would be a good time to have the work done to ensure a proper installation and a uniform finish with coatings and sealants.
  8. The contractor will be responsible for securing the site and building in the event of a named Tropical Storm or Hurricane. All sliding glass doors / windows that had protection (shutters) that were removed for CRI to perform the work, will be protected either by reinstalling the shutters or by plywood secured to the building. 

    In Closing C.RI., looks forward to performing a high quality project to restore your property and investment.


    Paul Dupre, Jr. 

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